Monday, August 30, 2010

A Piece of My Heart...And an Ice Cream Treat

School officially began today!! I sent off my three kiddos...AND a piece of my heart!

Ella is a BIG girl now as she begins Kindergarten! Honestly, I can't even believe that I officially have no more kids at home. It's strange, but exciting in many ways! For the past 9 years I've had at least one, two or three of my kids home with me and now that they are all in school, I'm a little shell-shocked! Of course I have a plan...STAY BUSY! But I also want to take time to just wait and find rest in the Lord and see how He is going to use me this year. I'll miss my one on one time with Ella, but I know she's in good hands AND she has her 2 BIG brothers watching over her!

Go get em Ella!!

So every year since school started for them, I like to surprise them with a little treat. Sometimes it's cupcakes, one year it was a pencil cake and THIS year it's:


Such a treat!!!
Honestly the easiest dessert to make AND if you want to, there are ways to make it even easier! I went to Panera and got some of their HUGE chocolate chip cookies and bought some vanilla ice cream, then looked in my pantry for sprinkles (which I always have a ton of).

  • 6 Large Chocolate Chip Cookies (or ANY flavor you like)
  • Your favorite half gallon of ice cream, softened (I used Vanilla)
  • Sprinkles
Let Ice cream soften for at least 20 minutes. Spread the sprinkles out in a large pie plate and set aside. Lay out cookies, bottom side up on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Place one LARGE scoop of ice cream on the center of 3 cookies, then GENTLY press the other cookie on top. Once the cookies are "sandwiched", roll them in the sprinkles. If the sprinkles aren't sticking, you can grab a handful and sprinkle them on yourself. Immediately place in the freezer until ice cream hardens back up.

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  1. The kids look so great! Can't wait to see them! I'm glad that the morning went well and can't wait to hear how the first day was! PS-Ava has that same skirt! :)



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