Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Week of Experiments...

Hi there! Back from Maui and ready for a clean slate...

Soooo I'm taking a different approach to "cooking" this week and making a little detour from my normal routine. After coming back from an amazing vacation and having some of the best food that I could possibly eat, I'm finding the need to detox! I tend to spoil myself when I'm on vacation by indulging a little too much on EVERYTHING! I mean, who can resist sampling all of the Mud Pies around Maui? Not if you're a coffee/chocolate/oreo lover like me!! Or trying the different tropical drinks that sound so inviting when it's hot & humid and your laying out with a book in one hand? No complaints here, just feeling the need to get all of that stuff that's been dragging me down out of my body and get my body in good working condition to train for a half marathon. This will also be the first week of my training schedule, with an 8 mile long run on Saturday. I'm hoping by saturday my energy level will be soaring!

So, the next 7 days will consist of a detox food plan of certain fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Only water to drink...that's right, NO COFFEE!!! And, a detox cleanse, which I'm sure will throw me for a loop! Don't worry, I'll try not to get too specific, per my husbands request, but I'll use my blog this week to log my days, what I've eaten and how I'm doing. This will be a good way for me to journal my experience and if your interested, you can come along with me!

Then you can decided for yourself if I'm crazy! Oh, and if you have any tips or recipes that could possibly make my experience more pleasant, please feel free to leave a comment!!
Here's to better health...

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