Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 2: Tuesday

DAY 2: Tuesday

Woke up with a slight headache and beginning to wonder what I'm putting myself through! I'm craving coffee and a hot breakfast so badly! To make things worse, the boys convince me to get them donuts for breakfast and I sit there staring at every bite they take...they are sweet to offer me a bite but I politely decline. So I start the morning with a protein shake of mango/banana/apricot/blueberries.
By 10:30 I'm hungry again so I grab the carrots and munch away. So far my energy is still low and I'm pretty tired. Not looking forward to lunch...

Had a nice little salad for lunch: spinach leaves, tomato, cucumber, avocado with lemon juice & grapeseed oil. Rounded the meal out with a juicy nectarine.

Well, dinner was NOT pleasant! I experimented by making a veggie shake...not good! I drank about half of it and had to pour the rest out. At least I had my sweet potato to get me through the rest of the evening! Going to bed hungry. Might have to tweak my eating plan for tomorrow...definitely need more energy!

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