Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 5

DAY 5:
Things are looking up as I near the end of my week long detox. Protein smoothies have been my typical breakfast and they've been pretty satisfying.

We went to my mom's for the day so the kids could play and on our way out I stopped at a little vegetable stand and picked up some fresh baby spinach and some bell peppers for my salad. It's becoming habit to get out my salad fixings and chop away. So as the kids were eating their hot dogs and cheetos (I know, it's grandma's house though), I made my salad along with 2 slices of whole grain bread. YES, I said bread!!!! It tasted soooo good too! Had some cherries for a snack and that was my lunch.

Since I was planning on running an 8 miler on Saturday, I decided to break out some carbs. So, for dinner I made some wild caught Salmon with a mix of sauteed vegetables and a helping of whole wheat pasta. My belly was actually FULL! Went to bed satisfied and energized for my big run!

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