Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ella's Fancy Party

The BIG Birthday we won't forget...

So, my baby girl turned 5 last week, which was HUGE for me! Thinking that my tiny little 5lb 12 oz baby has grown to be an almost Kindergartner just blows my mind! She's changed so much in the past 5 years, but one thing that hasn't changed is her sweet spirit and tender heart. She was really sick the day of her party and the week leading up to her birthday, but even when she could have been crabby & pouty, she was sweet & lovable saying constantly, "Mamma, I just love you". Now that is a girl who loves her mamma, but for her to realize that I was there for her, laying by her side taking care of her 24/7, was so touching to me!
I just had to share some pics of the infamous day...
My friend turned me on to the most ADORABLE blog EVER : is where I got most of these ideas, and printed out the labels for the toppings. Ella missed out on the ice cream sundae part, but the kids loooved picking out their toppings & I'm sure had some tummy aches after the sugar-overload!! Check out some more pics on my friend Jamie's blog:DIY ICE CREAM PARLOUR PARTY

My sweet, pale little girl
Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Oh, and the BEST chocolate cupcakes (made by

These cute popcorn cups (from Michaels) held the spoons
These paper straws wer the cutest things...find them on Etsy

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